Colorlight X2S Synchronous LED Sender Box

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Colorlight X2s Colorlight Professional LED Display Panel Controller Overview:

     X2s professional master is a professional LED display control device, with powerful video signal receiving and processing capabilities, and can receive high-definition digital signals of 1920*1200 pixels; it supports HDMI and DVI high-definition digital interfaces, and seamless switching between multiple signals ; Support arbitrary scaling and cropping of video sources.

     X2s has 2 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs, and a single machine can support LED displays with a maximum width of 4096 pixels and a maximum of 2560 pixels.

Colorlight X2s Colorlight Professional LED Display Panel Controller Features:

·X2s has 2 types of video input interfaces, including 1 HDMI and 2 DVI;

·Input resolution: up to 1920*1200@60Hz, supports arbitrary setting of resolution;

·Video output load capacity: 1.31 million pixels, up to 4096 points wide, up to 2560 points;

·Support arbitrary switching, scaling and cropping of video sources;

·Support screen shift;

·Dual USB2.0 high-speed communication interface for arbitrary cascade connection between computer debugging and main control;

·Support brightness and color temperature adjustment;

·Support low brightness and high gray;

· Support HDCP1.1;

·Support the full range of Colorlight receiving cards, multi-function cards and optical fiber transceivers.

Colorlight X2s Colorlight Professional LED Display Panel Controller Parameter:

Input Interface


Output Interface
Port1/2 RJ45,2 Gigabit Ethernet ports


Controlling Interface
USB_OUT USB Used for cascading between x2s
USB_IN USB input, connected to PC, used to debug parameters


Input index
Interface Qty Resolution
HDMI 1 HDMI 1.4 standard,Support 1920*1200@60Hz,Support HDCP
DVI 1 1

DVI 1.0 standard,Support 1920*1200@60Hz,Support HDCP

DVI 2 1 DVI 1.0 standard,Support 1920*1200,60Hz,Support HDCP
Size 1U standard
Input voltage AC100~240V
Rated Power Consumption 8W
Working Temperture -20~60℃

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