Colorlight C7 Media LED Player Box

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Colorlight C7 Media LED Player Box Features:

•Connect to Internet through LAN/WiFi/4G;

•Based on Colorlight Cloud Server, C7 can rapidly achieve unified management of multiple screens and multi-services across regions;

•Possessing powerful functions including equipment monitoring, program edition, scheduling and cluster publishing, multi-level authorization management, programs are published after review;

•Support multiple play windows and windows overlap, size and location can be freely set;

•C7 can be set as AP Mode, supports program management and parameters setting via smartphone, tablet, PC, etc;

•Supports GPS precise timing to achieve synchronization of multiple screens;

•Supports HDMI input and loop output, multiple players can cascade via HDMI to achieve multi-windows stitching;

•8G build-in storage, 5G available for users; it supports USB storage, Plug&Play;


Colorlight C7 Media LED Player Box Parameters:

Basic Parameters

Core Chips

1.6GHz dual-core CPU; 600Mhz quad-core GPU; 1GB DDR3

1080P HD hardware decoding

Loading Capacity

Maximum loading capacity: 2.3 million pixels;

Maximum width: 4096 pixels, maximum height: 2560 pixels

Receiving Card Supported

All Colorlight’s receiving cards



Audio Output

1/8″ (3.5mm)TRS

USB Ports

USB2.0*2, support external  U disc storage (32G in maximum) or communication equipment

HDMI Output

HDMI loop output

HDMI Input

HDMI signal input

Gigabit Ethernet

Output signal to receiving cards


Access network


2.4G/5G dual-band; support AP mode and station mode

4G (Option)

Access internet

GPS (Option)

Precise positioning, precise timing, synchronization of multiple screens


Physical Parameters


1U standard box

Working Voltage

AC 100~240V

Rated Power 




Working Temperature


Environmental Humidity

0-95% without condensation


File Format

Program Split

Support flexible program windows split, support flexible windows overlapping, support multiple programs play

Video Formats

Common formats such as AVI, WMV, MPG, RM/RMVB, MOV, DAT, VOB, MP4, FLV and etc.; support multiple videos play at the same time

Audio Formats

MPEG-1 Layer III,AAC etc.

Image Formats

bmp, jpg, png, etc.

Text Formats

txt, rtf, word, ppt, excel etc.

Text Display

Single line text, static text, multiple line text, etc.

Screen Split

4 video windows, multiple picture/text windows, scrolling text, Logo, date/time/week. Flexible screen split can be achieved and different contents display in different area

OSD Supported

Support video/picture/text mixture or overlap with fully transparent, opaque, translucent effects


Support real time clock


Terminal Management & Control



Program Update

Update program through USB or network

Management Devices

Smart terminals like PC, Android, iOS and etc.

Wireless Control

Real-time brightness adjustment

Timing Play

Play according to scheduled programs


LEDVISION 5.0 or higher vision


Colorlight C7 Media LED Player Box Hardware Connection

Colorlight C7 Media LED Player Box Hardware Connection

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