Novastar Taurus TB30 Multimedia Players Wi-Fi Antenna

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Model TB3 Controler
Loading Capacity 650,000
Dual Wi-Fi
(Wi-Fi AP & Wi-Fi Station)
Async Display
Phone Control
Cloud Service
Lora module
(for synchronization
Limitation of width or height W: 4096
H: 1920

.Synchronization mechanism for multi-screen playing
Powerful processing capability
. Comprehensive control plans.Dual-Wi-Fi mode
Redundant backup
lf the user has a high demand on synchronization, the time synchronization module isrecommended.For details, please consult our technical staff.
ln addition to solution publishing and screen control via PC, mobile phones and LAN,the comprehensive control plans also support remote centralized publishing andmonitoring.
For Ethernet port redundancy, 1 master and 1 backup Ethernet ports are provided.
Other Hardware Features
Loading capacity up to 650,000 pixels, with the maximum width of 4096 pixelsand maximum height of 1920 pixels
Wired Gigabit Ethernet
. Stereo audio output
1 USB port allowing for USB playback
.Onboard light sensor connector allowing for automatic and scheduled brightness


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