Novastar TB2-4G LED Screen Video Controller Box

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Taurus Series Multimedia Player TB2-4G Load capacity: 650,000 Processing power: 4 cores, 1GB +8GB memory WiFi function : √ 3G, 4G function : × Redundant backup : × With asynchronous switch : √ Splicing load : × Use occasion : Indoor small fixed, transparent window display


The Taurus series is Nova's second-generation multimedia player for small and medium-sized LED full-color displays.

TB2-4G model products have the following advantages and can better meet user needs:


Supports 650,000 pixel loading capacity

High processing performance

Comprehensive control solution

Support synchronous and asynchronous dual mode

Support WiFi AP connection


Taurus series products can be widely used in LED commercial display fields such as lamp pole screens, chain store screens, advertising machines, mirror screens, retail store screens, door head screens, car screens, and screens without PCs.

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