VX6s All-in-One Controller

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Novastar VX6S LED Video Processor Details


  • Inputs: 2x3G-SDI, 2x HDMI3, 1xDVI, 1x DVI(IN+LOOP), 1xUSB
  • Output: 6x Gigabit Ethernetports , 1x DVI for monitoring
  • Support PVW or PGM monitoring, and the monitoring resolution is adjustable.
  • Video output capacity: 3,900,000 pixels, width/height: 4096 pixels
  • 2x system modes

−Direct mode: Support display content monitoring.
−Switcher mode: Switch the PVW to PGM by pressing only the TAKE button.

  • Screen brightness adjustment
  • Multiple VX6s units linked to load a screen
  • 16x user presets saved

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